Inventory Traceability Systems




A new generation of simple inventory and production software can greatly reduce your risk and increase the traceability of your product. Many of our clients have dozens of ingredients, 10 or more products, and hundreds of clients. The permutations for this complexity would overwhelm most hand or excel based record systems. Even very small producers and Brand Holders with contract manufacturing should consider an online inventory system to track the distribution of lots. We provide hand systems when helping clients start down the road to food safety, but the ability to track even a moderate amount of production and distribution with records that have to be updated offline as paper or Excel sheets quickly results in insufficient use of the system.

Choosing a system that is both easy to use, and has integrations with many of the business support tools such as CRM and accounting will increase your production control and traceability while reducing the actual time you spend offline entering data.

We specialize in work with SMB on DEAR setups.


  • DEAR provides a powerful inventory and manufacturing management solution to businesses of many different industries. Whether your business is primarily situated in sales, manufacturing, E-Commerce, or a combination of many, DEAR provides tools to make business work better.
  • Hosted in the cloud and integrating with some of the most advanced software in the world such as Xero, DEAR gives you the freedom to centralize your operations and offers unrivaled business reporting.
  • We have a large wealth of knowledge that we have grown from our many successful DEAR implementations and we take advantage of this to ensure your transition to DEAR is as smooth as possible.

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